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Miss Justine

 Miss Justine



Miss Justine


From the liner notes of Tasty, by Bob Perkins, radio personality and jazz columnist:


“Upon hearing Miss Justine sing during an impromptu gathering, music critic/author and lyricist Gene Loos (who wrote the words for Jobim’s “Someone to Light Up My Life (on Tasty) was so awed by her that he dubbed her “the Lady with the Amazing Pipes.” Such praise form high places is no isolated incident: the great tunesmiths of bygone days must smile down appreciatively whenever Justine interprets their legendary melodies. They might also be heard to sigh collectively, “Gee, if he’s been a contemporary, we’d have been famous sooner.”


If may be an unfair standard, but Miss Justine still serves as one of the very few yardsticks by which I measure any vocalist”.



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