Only with your help, only with your donations, will we be able to move The Jazz Sanctuary forward to achieve our mission of maintaining America’s great music invention: JAZZ; by bringing jazz to the community through performance at community gatherings; to further the study of jazz to those who cannot afford the cost; to pay musicians a fair rate for their effort.




Many thanks to the members of our board who have contributed their talent, time, energy and funds.


The entire board has been supportive in so many ways to our aspirations. .  


Thank you.


   Leon Jordan

   Eddie Etkins

   The Rt. Rev. Rodney Michel

   Regina Gordon, Ed.D.

   Lowell Mann, Esq.

   Charles I. Nix

   Orien Reid

   Candace Roberts

   Alan Segal

   Kevin Supka





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 Federal Registration

 The Jazz Sanctuary is an federally approved charitable organization (a 501 c 3),


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" The official registration and financial information of (organization) may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999.  Registration does not imply endorsement. "





Thanks to our donors:


We are very grateful to our 2012 & 2013 donors and now

we are pleased to start the 2014 list and watch it grow as you 

make your donations


All Hallows Church

Allan W. Reed * **

Aileen S & Walter H. Moleski

Alan & Joy Segal

Alfred & Pamela Fuchs

Annette & Jay Greisler *

Audrey A. Welsh *

Barry L & Bonnie Jean McCabe **

Bethlehem Baptist Church

Bernadette Gross * **

Bruce Berlinger * **

Bruce & Karen Givnish

Candace & Mark Roberts *

Caroline M. Wiker * **

Cash Contributor *

Catherine B. Fasy *

Charles E. Shaffer *

Charles and Orien Reid-Nix *

Charles J or Joan A Gaffney

Church of the Holy Spirit

Dan Karney

Darrel E. & Jo A. Rocke *

David J & Deanna M Romero *

Debbie Bravos *

Dennis J. Colgan *

Dick Thatcher * **

Edward Ritvo

Edward O. Goodrich *

Elizabeth Mae and Leonard E. Crooke *

Episcopal Chruch Women of Trinity *

F. Alan & Judith Dickerman *

First Presbyterian Church of West Chester

Frank Millheim *

Frank Weber

Frank & Wendy Barr

George Stevenson Sr. **

Georgene Y. Taylor *

Gerta D. Harris **

Gloria Dei Preservation Corporation

Glenn & Gloria Hall *

Grace Lutheran Church

Herman & Maddie Axelrod * **

Howard & Sandra Salasin

Immaculata University

James & Joaness Kiel * **

James K. Dimpter

James P. Shute *

Joanne K. Olszewski * **

John & Ellen Condelo

Joyce Streibig * **

Karen Rosenberg & Douglas Berman

Kenneth E & Nancy G Robinson

Krynn De Arman & Alexander Lukacs III

Kevin Supka

LPL Matching Program

Leif Magnusson & Charlotte E. Sibley *

Libby Segal

Lionel Broome *

Lucy J Carroll

Margarette B.  Perry, R.N.

Martin B. Laufe *

Maryann Hunter

Mary Ann Bernardino **

Merrill M. & Suzanne E. Detweiler *

Model Consulting, Inc.

Morey, Nee, Buck & Oswald, LLC

Nancy E. Greene *

Nancy Molnar Jeffreys *

Pamela Fuchs *

Pauline S. Monson *

Penn Terminal

Phyllis Stickney **

R. Richard & Nancy L Wright

Ralph Karney *

Randy Sutin *

Ray M. & Mary Beth Pershio *

Ramona Johnson *

Robert A. Herb *

Ronald M. Leach III *

Sandra & Thomas Moore

Seamen's Church Institute

St. George's Methodist Church

St. John's United Methodist Church

Stephen K. Carr *

Susan Segal Bonavitacola

T. Marvullo *

The Pathway School

Thomas & Bonnie Marzolf

Tina DiCroce *

Traveling Framer, Inc. *

Ursula Z. Schaufler

Warren Werbitt, Dr. (Prof. Gastroenterolgy Assoc.)*

William J. Hirsch, Esq.

William Lieser *


Many of our contributors have given multiple times.  Special thanks to them.


Matching funds contributors denoted with an *.  Thank you.


Contribution in response to our Dec. 4th solicitation letter denoted with an **



MATCHING FUNDS TO JULY 30th ......... $ 3,090.00


MATCH........................................................... $  3,090.00


TOTAL MATCHING FUNDS ..................     $  6,180.00












7/19/1938 - 1/12/2014







 We thank each and every one of you.  Please contact two friends and ask them to help us reach and gain our goals.  Only with your help and the help of our sponsors will we succeed.

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